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Jack Nolan releases single Faster Than The Speed Of Change

Sometimes a title or line drifts around for years, waiting for a song. Faster than the Speed of Change was just that, slowly waiting in the wings.

Into the dark
I drifted
Left behind
was gifted 
To me but I couldn’t see
I heard you calling to me 

The slow speed of change, or recognition, which rumbles along to a pulse via Jimmy Paxson’s mallets. A slow mover with a sparseness that invites a searing harmony and a crunching guitar to take the track home. A tribute song to a rich relationship that, at first, someone was too lost, too distracted to recognise.

I turned to look 
I heard your voice
Love came
Faster than the speed of change

Jack Nolan is a singer songwriter based in Sydney, Australia, who’s s been performing and releasing music and albums since the mid 90’s. Along with a five-album solo catalogue Jack also fronted The Kelly Gang, with Rick Grossman, bassist for The Divinyls and Hoodoo Gurus along with Midnight Oil drummer Rob Hirst and guitar player Martin Rotsey. Their 2004 album Looking for the Sun was critically adored along with their energetic live shows of the time.

Within Nolan’s music, mysterious and shimmering chords unite his sound with that of the Americana genre, once quaintly described as ‘Darlinghurst Country’ uniting elements of folk, country, rock ‘n’ roll and ambient atmospheres fusing Nolan’s passion for intensely charged electric guitar and finger-picked acoustic guitar.

Having caught the Tennessee bug while finishing his 2018 album ‘Our Waverley Star’, Jack returned to Nashville in February 2020 for two weeks of recording and mixing with his friend and multi-instrumentalist Justin Weaver, known best as the Dixie Chicks’ guitarist. After the most intense and enjoyable fortnight possible, Jack headed home in March 2020, a day before a hurricane wiped out Nashville, and less than a week before the world changed forever, if the word Wuhan rings a bell.

And so it is, Jacks latest album, Gabriel, released October 2021, keeps the wheels moving on the meaningful passion of this writer and performer.

Faster Than The Speed Of Change single Out Now February 4
Quay Records

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