River of Tears 1500

New single from Texas Strangers – River of Tears

Texas Strangers are a 5-piece Central Coast-based country rock outfit.

Their 2017 debut EP spawned THREE #1 Singles on the Country Songwriters chart.

River of Tears is the first single from their forthcoming album Borderline.

From the pen of singer/songriter Steve Killeen comes a soulful and haunting tale of alcoholism and abandonment. Much like a river itself, the song twists and turns, rises and falls as it reveals itself.

Set to a sweeping “Classic Nashville” arrangement, the Texas Strangers have delivered a great Country track that will remain with the listener long after they’ve heard it.


“We were all very surprised and a little shocked about how well we were received up in Tamworth,” Reb told their local newspaper after their performance at the Country Music Festival earlier in the year. “We always strive for a dynamic show but this time around it was the songs drawing the attention. That leaves you kind of humbled by the whole experience.”

The single was recorded during the album sessions for Borderline at Damien Gerard Studios engineered by Russell Pilling. The Song was mastered by Sage Audio Nashville Tennessee.

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