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Old Man Luedecke – Australian Tour

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Canadian Folk/Country Master Old Man Luedecke New Album ‘Domestic Eccentric’ and Australian Tour Commencing April 29

Tour poster WITH DATES

You can hear the listening on Old Man Luedecke’s new album, Domestic Eccentric. You can hear the cabin in the snowy Nova Scotia woods where it was recorded, and you can hear the beautiful conversation between Old Man Luedecke and his fellow musician Tim O’Brien. Domestic Eccentric is a collaboration of two like-minded artists in love with folk and roots music, playing at the height of their powers.

The record is OUT NOW but is a new release to media for Australia to coincide with the Tour – see dates below –

Domestic Eccentric is a record so replete with home it seemed impossible to make anywhere else. So Old Man Luedecke fitted out his back woods cabin, a hand-hewn affair he’d built himself from rough-sawn lumber, and hired a backhoe to make a 500-yard road through the record amounts of snow so he could bring in top-level recording gear. He invited the multiple Grammy Award winning roots instrumentalist Tim O’Brien to stay at his home with his family for a week of snowbound collaboration in Chester, Nova Scotia. Luedecke and O’Brien had worked together before, and their increasing comfort in each other’s musical presence has yielded spectacular results. “Tim is my favorite musician,” Luedecke says. “And working with him in a duet environment in a cabin at home was a waking dream.”




Old Man Luedecke is touring Australia this May and coming to a city near you!

April 29-May 1 — Woodford Planting Festival — Woodford, QLD
May 3 — Upwey/Belgrave RSL — Upwey, VIC
May 5 — Spotted Mallard — Melbourne, VIC
May 6 — Mountain Mumma Restaurant — Sheffield, TAS
May 7 — Brookfield Shed — Margate, TAS
May 10 — Sunset Studio — Newcastle, NSW
May 11 — Gaelic Club — Sydney, NSW
May 13 — Illawarra Folk Club — Wollongong, NSW
May 14 — White Eagle Polish Club — Canberra, ACT
May 15 — Hotel Blue (Live at the Attic) — Katoomba, NSW

Find Show tickets  here
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DE_album cover small


“One of the best country music albums of 2015” – The Telegraph

“…superb. .. thoughtful, spry and tuneful …well-turned phrases, specific references and upbeat introspection” – Globe and Mail


Official Site

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Superseven OST EP Cover

The Jimmy C – The Adventures of Superseven and New EPs

The Adventures of Superseven

The music of The Jimmy C fits the ‘The Adventures Of Superseven’ like a glove, blending twangy surf guitar with smooth funk and spaghetti western themes.

Multi-instrumentalist Jamie Coghill (aka The Jimmy C) performs each part and channels his soundtrack composing heroes.  John Barry’s James Bond twang can be heard in ‘Black Suits On The Beach’ while the ‘Sandra West Theme’ conjures the more sultry tones of a Bruno Nicolai Giallo score (or a John Zorn and Mike Patton experiment).  A Fistful of Cyanide Pills smashes Ennio Morricone’s ‘Dollars’ trilogy into one neat five-and-a-half minute nugget and ‘Downtown Honkey’ is Lalo Schifrin’s Dirty Harry meets Goblin’s Profondo Rosso in a funky and heavy ‘Shaft on acid’ Blaxploitation trip. 

Jamie Coghill is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist who loves the music of the late 60’s and early 70’s.  Some know Jamie as the drummer from Luxedo, Fez Perez and The Devilrock Four (a few bands who almost got somewhere), others know him from his own music as The Jimmy C.

Homme-Orchestre-animation(Click the image for a fun animation)

New EPs

Stay tuned for the release of three new EPs from The Jimmy C! The first one will be available April 29!

Q&A with Jimmy C

Foghorn Media: What inspired you to become a singer/writer? Who are your early influences?

Jimmy C: From age 12 I just wanted to be an awesome rock drummer. I’d put on my dad’s big chunky headphones and play along to Creedence, Zeppelin, and Deep Purple tapes. I sort of picked the rest up by osmosis and through living with and having musicians as friends. You learn a lot from playing in bands if you have the enthusiasm and attention for it. And from the moment I first set foot in a recording studio, I realised there was so much more to music than just being the best at your instrument. I also learned what I was capable of from situations like; “Hey this song would sound great with a harmony”, “But I can’t sing like that”, “Ok, I’ll do it!”.

I think I owe a lot to the early bands I was in and the people I met through them. Luxedo (a name that is only vary rarely remembered these days) featured Tom Carlyon (The Devastations) and Dan Brodie. Through that band I had the opportunity to meet and work with people like Tony Cohen, Conway Savage, Maurice Frawley and Charlie Owen. I was also playing big international supports and festivals when I was 19.

FM: Tell us about the American webseries The Adventures of Superseven and how that all came together.

JC: Well, thanks to the internet I’ve been able to make friends all over the world and via one of these global musical friendships I was introduced to Scott Rhodes, who is an ex-stuntman known for his work on Buffy The Vampire Slayer and other cult hits. Scott has an acquired disability which affects his mobility and killed his career as a Hollywood stuntman. To keep himself sane he created The Adventures Of Superseven, a spy comedy web series which has really taken off and gathered a worldwide fan base with millions of hits on YouTube. I was introduced to Scott by Swedish music maker Magnus Sellergren (Videogram/Call Me Greenhorn) who has also contributed music to the series. I composed a full album for the third season and recently they landed a DVD distribution deal. The first 2 seasons have been cut into full length feature films and re-edited to include a bunch of my music.

FM: Favourite film? Book? Place? Animal/pet?  Story?

JC: Terry Gilliam’s Brazil is probably the best movie ever made. My favourite place is Hawaii’s “Big Island” and I love cats. So if I could watch Brazil at dusk on a cat beach in Hawaii, I would be very happy!

FM: What are your future plans for 2016/2017

JC: As I’m approaching 40 years old, I’m beginning to realise that my time is limited. My plans for the future, and well beyond 2017, are to record as much music as possible. It would be amazing to think that somehow somebody in 30 years time accidentally stumbles across one of my albums in a dusty and rarely visited nook of the internet. And if that person was touched and inspired by my music in the same way I was by The Pretty Things S.F. Sorrow or The Zombies Odessey and Oracle that would be the best justification of all. The music I cherish most has lived beyond the group that created it and I’d love to be thought of in that way one day. Until then I’ll just keep making my music, making music with friends, and playing any gigs that come my way.


The Hollerin SluggersCROP

The Hollerin’ Sluggers Radio Interviews and Charts!

Tuesday June 14th The Hollerin’ Sluggers on Alive 90.5 with Ross Fear!

Listen to the interview anywhere in the world with the online link:

Show starts at 9pm!

The Hollerin’ Sluggers’ album ‘The Promised Land’ is OUT NOW and has debuted at number 7 on the AMRAP Airplay charts.


Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 10.57.15 AM
Upcoming Shows:

March 24, Thursday — The Sands Hotel — Narrabeen, NSW

April 8, Friday — The Record Crate — Glebe, NSW

April 16, Saturday — Housefox Fest — Narrabeen, NSW

July 10, Sunday — Avalon Bowling Club — Avalon, NSW

August 27, Saturday — Nomad Brewery — Brookvale, NSW

HiResPhotoG2h8r CROP





Check out our Q&A with the band below!

Foghorn Media: What inspired you to become a singer/writer and form a band?

Hollerin’ Sluggers: Love of music. The need to entertain and make people feel good for a few hours.

FM: Who are your early influences?

HS: Artists that improvise and explore different realms of rootsy music, like Hendrix, Zeppelin, Cream, The Doors, Aussie rock from early 70s onwards.

FM: Tell us a little about how you write, how do the songs come? What gets you going creatively?

HS: We come up with a riff or a groove and jam it out first up, then we mould it into a song and whatever it needs to make it work. We enjoy exploring different structures. The band has evolved from the first album, our new material explores new realms.

FM: What is the first record you bought and why?

HS: AC/DC – like most people did in the day, they brought gritty powerhouse blues/rock to Australia.

FM: What current OZ acts inspire you?

HS: Anyone playing hard and touring their butts off on their own back and living the dream. Playing from the heart and not conforming to formulas.

FM: What about international bands?

HS: Joe Bonamassa and Gary Clark Jr, Clutch, Sea Sick Steve, Jack White

FM: Tell us a little about your music and what a crowd can expect at a live show.

HS: We aim to get everyone up and dancing and going crazy by the end of the show. If there is a rafter to hang off or a speaker to jump off, Owen will find it. If you come to our gig and your feet don’t start moving and your hips don’t start swaying you’re probably dead.

FM: Favorites: film, book, place, pet? Story?

HS: Favorite film – ‘Song Remains The Same,’ Favorite book – ‘Sex, Thugs, and Rock n Roll’ by Billy Thorpe. Favorite place – Narrabeen. Favorite pet – dog/galah/fish. Favorite story – Andy used to judge and breed German Shepherds and left it behind when the Sluggers was formed to pursue his musical dream of one day playing in a packed stadium.

FM: Favorite food or drink?

HS: Nomad Beer – they gave us some kegs, a shirt, and a hat. We’re easily pleased.

FM: You’re backstage with one of your influences mentioned earlier, what do you say?

HS: Can we jam with you guys?

FM: Where do you see Aussie music heading?

HS: There has always been pop music for the commercial market and cover bands in  the pubs/clubs and will continue to be so. However, there is a real swing back to original bands playing modern venues not considered the traditional music houses, such as pizza/wine bars and retro records bars.

FM: What are your future plans for 2016/2017?

HS: Touring with some great artists and playing some kickass gigs, recording second album, and getting some national and international airplay would be nice.


Fiona Joy (AUS)

Fiona Joy New Album “Signature – Synchronicity” Available NOW

UPDATE: Fiona’s previous album “Signature – Solo” has won the ZMR Award for Best Solo Piano Album! To get a copy of the album click the link below:


Fiona Joy’s much anticipated new album “Signature – Synchronicity” is now available!



Signature – Synchronicity is the perfect bookend to Fiona Joy’s 2015 project ‘Signature-Solo’, which spent several months in the coveted #1 spot on the ZMR Airplay Charts and released in numerous formats via Blue Coast Records, a pioneering audiophile label. Along with the new album, Fiona presents several high-quality videos, visual memes, and pre-order perks all accessible via her website at

Fiona originally imagined the project as a personal expression of how the deteriorating “signature” bone in her left hand was affecting her ability to share her life’s work.  This evolved into modern fairytales that feature magic, imagination and the world we escape into.

It’s interesting to grow up through your own music,” Fiona Joy says. “The early albums are about my own life, drawing on the past. Mostly this album is looking outside myself and exploring other subjects – in this case, fairy tale themes – and yet somehow they all come back to my own experience. It’s a circular thing…truly Synchronicity.”

This album was recorded and produced with the team at Imaginary Road Studios in Vermont and many of Fiona’s favorite instrumentalists; some recording was also done at Crash Symphony Productions in Sydney. One of the many highlights of the recording process for Fiona was the opportunity to record on an Australian-made Stuart & Sons piano. A few people Fiona found herself lucky enough to work with include producer Will Ackerman (Founder Windham Hill), Tom Eaton, and James Englund. Additionally, the album features artists such as Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel), Rebecca Daniel (Ex ACO), Marc Shulman (Suzanne Vega), Eugene Friesen (Paul Winter Consort), Jeff Haynes (Pat Metheny), Jeff Oster, Paul Jarmin, Premik Tubbs, Borbala Bodonyi, her son Nick Hawkins, and many others.

Looking forward to all the fresh possibilities, travels and creative adventures of the coming year, Fiona Joy – embodies the glorious cover art of Signature – Synchronicity – running wildly into the embrace of her second decade of recording and touring.
“One of the brightest lights in the contemporary instrumental genre,
Fiona Joy Hawkins is poised to move into stardom and we have only to watch to see it happen”

- Will Ackerman (Founder Windham Hill Records)
Check out the five NEW videos.

GRACE- Youtube Video 

CEREMONY – Youtube Video


GRACE (Chill Version) – Youtube Video

CALLING EARTH – Youtube Video

And upcoming Launches to include – 
This April sees a unique concert and film viewing for the official album release of Signature – Synchronicity by Fiona Joy at Burwood Music Centre in Melbourne for both the public and media. BMC is a recording studio that also has a small state of the art film theatre. Meet members of the production team involved in the project, the film-makers, the piano maker, and the piano producer. Award winning Australian artist Fiona Joy will perform tracks from her new album Signature – Synchronicity.

Along with three performances across the action packed weekend, the album reveal also features videos of six of the songs made by four different filmmakers. Of the filmmakers is a retired NASA Senior Flight Engineer who used NASA footage to bring Fiona’s song ‘Calling Earth’ to life. The event also includes a meet and greet with Wayne Stuart of world renown Australian Stuart & Sons pianos – the inventors of a revolutionary new piano design used in classical concerts all over the world.

The Events:
1. Saturday April 30th - Early afternoon. Watch the video clips, chat with the piano maker (Wayne Stuart), the producer (James Englund), the film-makers (four companies) Including NASA and ISS Footage, and a private concert opportunity with Fiona Joy.

2.  Saturday April 30th - Evening cocktail event. Watch the videos, meet the filmmakers, the piano maker, and the piano producer.
3. Sunday May 1st – Mid-afternoon Matinee concert and video viewing. Additionally, there will be a fundraiser for Motor Neuron Disease.
Media are invited to all of the above but specifically to the Saturday afternoon
Please contact below if you would like to attend as seating is limited.

Each event has only 32 seats available-tickets here


“Fiona Joy is a TRUE artist, constantly growing, Signature – Synchronicity is the latest expression of her prodigious talent, I urge you to check it out.”
- Bob Ludwig, Gateway Mastering

VF header2

Violent Femmes – Album and Tour from March 4

Boom! – Violent Femmes Tour And Album Release this week.

The legendary band’s triumphant return to Australian Shores
for their brilliant new album ‘We Can Do Anything’- (March 4 Universal) and National Tour all begins this week.

The boys arrive from New Zealand on Thursday and wake up early on Friday for their Sunrise spot- then they head to Taronga Zoo and Days on the Green on the weekend – Truly Non Stop and that’s just week 1.
See below for some more of whats in store plus some quotes and fun facts –

  1. ‘We Can Do Anything’ is the ninth album from Violent Femmes featuring a wealth of brand new recently penned tunes and is OUT NOW! – via UMA in Au + NZ.
  2. Their 14-date tour of Australia and NZ, from 1st March – 19th March is ALMOST Sold Out – tickets are still available for 3 shows – see
  3. Violent Femmes performed the first single from the album, ‘Memory’ on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert yesterday. See the performance here (note innovative use of Weber BBQ)…and a truly magical encore performance of Blister In The Sun, with Colbert (who is a big fan) taking over lead vocals.
  4. Violent Femmes formed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1981.
  5. The band were ‘discovered’ by Pretenders guitarist James Honeyman-Scott in 1981, busking outside the Milwaukee venue the Pretenders were playing that night.
  6. Violent Femmes self-titled debut album, released in 1983, is the definition of a cult-sleeper hit. It hit platinum in the US and reached its chart peak (#171), 8 years after its release.
  7. Australia has always been Violent Femmes biggest per-capita territory; with six Top 50 albums here. (Highest overall US placing; #84 in 1986).
  8. Violent Femmes perform on Australian TV for the very first time on Channel 7 ‘Sunrise’ on the morning of the global release date of their album, Friday week 4th March.
  9. Violent Femmes are Double J’s ‘Artist In Residence’ for March, curating station playlists over the month, with retrospective features and guest host spots across the month with associated online and socials support.
  10. Most people will know Violent Femmes from their teen-angst anthems ‘Blister In The Sun’, ‘Add It Up’ and ‘I Held Her In My Arms’.
  11. Founding member and bassist Brian Ritchie calls Hobart home. He has curated Mona Foma every year since 2009. He is a master of the Shakuhachi (Japanese bamboo flute).
  12. Their 1983 single ‘Done Daddy Gone’ (which featured two xylophone solos) was covered by Gnarls Barkley on their 2006 ‘St Elsewhere’ album – itself a Billboard #4 album.
  13. Violent Femmes returned the favour by covering Gnarls Barkley’s ‘Crazy’ in 2008. Gnarls Barkley’s review: “I might compare it to a calm pond. I caught my reflection in it. And I seemed to be momentarily at peace. This track sounds entirely different in the rain, and supports some intriguing lilypads.”
  14. Violent Femmes headlined the very first Big Day Out in 1992 (at that time a Sydney-only event). Nirvana were also on the bill.
  15. World exclusive t-shirt, art-card, album and vinyl bundles for the new album are available on the official Australian Violent Femmes store.
  16. ‘We Can Do Anything’ is available on transparent green vinyl (exclusive to Australia…see it unboxed and played on Gramovox®), alongside CD & digital formats.

Exclusive bundles available from the Official Violent Femmes Australian Store:

iVF green vinyl001


vf memory cover




Listen to new single Memory





-Social media links

-Official site

-YouTube channel

The Dirty Earth Ascendancy

The Dirty Earth Release ‘Ascendancy’ on Foghorn/MGM

A strong followup to their well received album of 2014 – ‘Autonomic’ Ascendancy promises to widen the bands appeal with a more modern twist on their retro alternative sound.

Comparisons have already been made to Jack White’s The Dead Weather

There is nothing so fine as a righteous blast of rock and roll energy, a white-hot mainline that shakes your body into action. 

The Dirty Earth don’t just write songs, they weave tales about the brutal realities of life and songs like Red Witch, Cruel World, Free Bird and Eternity marry clever lyrics with stellar music that takes you on an evocative journey. Bed of Nails is the album’s rock anthem with the  final track, So Long Sucker, providing a rare glimpse into the band’s take on punk rock.

The Dirty Earth have taken a step forward with ‘Ascendancy’, showcasing their unique brand of rock’n’roll and strong musicianship. Cohesive production ensures the listener of a 45-minute sonic journey.

The Album is released February 26 through MGM on CD and Digital

Album Launch

Saturday 27th February
The Townie-Newtown

The Dirty Earth Ascendancy CD Cover


The Dirty Earth are heavy, psychedelic and above all unpindownable,
the necessary ingrdients that may make them the new lords of doom rock

Cameron Cooper – The Music

A band that live to rock and serve it with no reservations’
‘The vocal muscle of Mandy shows plenty of punch and the band rock the groove well’

Rodney Christian, SF Media

“The Dirty Earth have absorbed a lot of Thin Lizzy, AC/DC and BellRays and applied their riffs to their own canvas.”
“Mandy Newton’s powerful vocals are a strong differentiator and many will use the Baby Animals as a reference point.”

The Barman, i94 Bar

The Dirty Earth has toughened up their sound a little more with the new guitarists in the group, and Mandy Newton putting in a powerful performance out front.”
Justin Donelly, The

Fiona Joy (AUS)

Fiona Joy – Pre Sale Release of Stunning New Album

“One of the brightest lights in contemporary instrumental music, Fiona Joy is poised to move into stardom.” – Will Ackerman, Founder of Windham Hill Records

As 2016 unfolds, Australian Pianist, Producer & Singer Fiona Joy is readying her new album — Signature Synchronicity — for worldwide release on March 18, 2016, simultaneously preparing for another grand tour of China, a new recording session in the U.S., and a feature concert with her Blue Dream Ensemble at the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre (Sydney) – – an extension of the Sydney Women’s International Jazz Festival – scheduled for August 2016. She releases Signature Synchronicity for pre-sale on February 20, 2016, a fully-instrumental album that complements Signature Solo, a solo piano version of ten pieces originally recorded and released by Blue Coast Records as CD, SACD and DSD for her audiophile fans.

Fiona’s hard work and conceptual vision for the Signature Series is now coming to fruition in Signature Synchronicity, produced in collaboration with Will Ackerman in full orchestral form. Ackerman, founder of both Windham Hill Records and Imaginary Road Studios, embraced and encouraged Fiona’s music years ago, stating, “Fiona’s Blue Dream album was the most ambitious project of my entire career and resulted in one of the most remarkable collaborations this genre has ever known. Blue Dream is unique and I’m as proud of it as anything I’ve ever worked on in my 35-year career of GRAMMY® Awards and Gold/Platinum records.”

The year 2015 set the stage for the whirlwind that is 2016. Fiona contributed to a GRAMMY-winning album and traversed three continents, performing solo on a grand tour of China, entertaining in the U.S. at the ZMR Awards and at the audiophile Mecca, T.H.E. Show, closing out the year in Australia at the Sydney Women’s International Jazz Festival with her renowned Blue Dream Ensemble. Once home, she attracted the national TV show ‘Lateline’, which ran a feature lifestyle piece on her life and music. (

4 New Music Videos have been created to complement the release of Signature Synchronicity  including the lead single Grace – (Chill Version)


“Fiona Joy is a TRUE artist, constantly growing, Signature – Synchronicity is the latest expression of her prodigious talent, I urge you to check it out.”  Bob Ludwig, Gateway Mastering
“Fiona Joy takes over from where George Winston left off…” Cookie Marenco, five-time Grammy®-nominated ProducerBlue Coast Records. 
Fiona Joy pours her heart and soul into playing these compositions and adds her soft, sultry vocal talents as well (on selected tracks). Songs range from somber and pensive to rollicking and energizing, held together by superb production, engineering and mixing/mastering.  Chalk up another tour de force for the talented and gorgeous Aussie pianist, as well as the crew and players at IR Studios.  – Bill Binkelman, Editor, 

Pre sale links and More at-

marshall header pic2

Hussy Hicks – Lucky Joe’s Wine New Album, Tour and Bluesfest

Lucky Joe’s Wine (and other tales from Dog River)
Release Date Febuary 13 (Digital + CD)

When you think of the USA’s Deep South, you think of bluegrass and country, rhythm and blues.  When you think of the Gold Coast it’s all about the surf.  Hussy Hicks have taken the best of both and brought them to life with their new album.
Hussy Hicks have a strong connection to Alabama, drawn there regularly in the past ten years to perform, record and revitalise between tours of Europe, USA and Australia. So it’s no surprise that release was recorded deep in the heart of Dixie.

The band had spent a few weeks at the magical Muscle Shoals Sound Studios recording ‘Raise the Dead’ by Kristy Lee and were keen to get back to Alabama to cut some Hussy Hicks tracks.  Hall of Fame legend Rick Hirsch (Wet Willy, Cher, Greg Allman, Joan Armatrading) played host to the Hussy Hicks in his Alabama studio, where they gathered a few musician friends to collaborate on a seven-track mini album.

Lucky Joes Wine coverWEBres

“A not to be missed act that are ready for the world” – Peter Noble(Bluesfest)

The album’s title track was inspired by the duo’s European touring schedule.
After regular appearances at Sarzana Acoustic Guitar festival the girls became involved in a music loving association near Rome.    The directors of the organisation are keen   guitar players and  After concerts everyone would often end up at Guiseppe  Fortunato’s (Lucky Joe)  house jammin’ on guitars, eating amazing food and drinking his home made wine.  Julz had been working on an instrumental for a while and figured that if they could convey the feeling you get jamming  after cracking open the latest  vintage then you couldn’t go wrong – Lucky Joe’s Wine was named.

…and Dog River ?
Rick’s studio sits right on a bend on Mobile’s Dog River.  The location: Spanish Moss dripping out of the Magnolia trees and fish literally jumping, delivered a more alternative country feel to the album.

‘Lucky Joe’s Wine and Other Tales From Dog River’ is a completely new direction for the Australian-based duo, seeing an evolution of sound from NCEIA Album of the Year ‘The London Sessions’ to a more alt country, southern feel.
The country focus will be no surprise to Hussy Hicks’ long-time fans. Leesa Gentz grew up in the Australian country scene, signing to ABC records at just 16 years old. As always, the Hussies’ music is a melting pot of influences and on this track you hear not just Leesa’s country roots but also a pull towards the surf instrumental vibes from Julz’s time with the Phil Emmanuel band.

Naturally the girls are touring to support the record, culminating in two much coveted spots at Byron Bay’s Bluesfest.

Tour Dates

Feb 5 – Nightquarter Gold Coast – Qld
Feb 6 – Riverside Bar Marrochydore – Qld
Feb 7 – Taps The Valley – QLD
Feb 12 – Beaches Thirroul – NSW
Feb 13 – Lazybones Marrickville – NSW
Feb 14 – Meatstock Festival Sydney Early – 6pm- NSW
Feb 14   Brass Monkey Cronulla Late – 9pm NSW
Feb 19 – Seaview Hotel Woolgoolga – NSW
March 3 – Setters Tavern WA
March 4,5,6 Nannup Festival WA
March 9, Redcliff on the Murray WA
March 10 – Mojo’s Fremantle WA
March 11 – Indi Bar Scarborough WA
March 12 – Sing for the South West Old Coast Road Brewery WA
March 13 – Clancy’s Dunsborough WA
March 15 – Perth Blues Club WA
March 16 – Redcliff on the Murray WA
March 19 – Nukara Festival WA
March 25 – Bluesfest Byron Bay NSW
March 27 – Bluesfest Byron Bay NSW


…what real world music is all about: sweat, beat, tapping feet, feel, passion…”
- Andrea Ballarin, Manne Italy

.”..I saw Hussy Hicks perform recently and their time spent in USA and Europe has taken them to a whole new level”.
Peter Noble -Bluesfest Director

“Hussy Hicks have a sound all of their own… endlessly interesting and optimistic yet heartbreakingly honest and raw… and the music has a real capacity to connect with something universal in each of us.” - Susan Jarvis, Capital News “

“Hussy Hicks Rock!” - Michael Franti


HH Heartache sm





Violent Femmes – We Can Do Anything Album and National Tour

UPDATE Jan 20 – 2016

    • March 1 – Auckland – St James – SOLD OUT
    • March 2 – Auckland – St James – SOLD OUT
    • March 4 – Sydney – Taronga Zoo – SOLD OUT
    • March 5 – Hunter – A Day On The Green – SOLD OUT
    • March 6 – Sirromet – A Day On The Green – SOLD OUT
* March 7 –  Brisbane – The Triffid
    • March 9 – Canberra – ANU
    • March 11 – Adelaide – Womadelaide
    • March 12 – Yarra – A Day On The Green
    • March 13 – Meredith – Golden Plains
    • March 17 – Melbourne – Corner Hotel – SOLD OUT
    • March 18 – Melbourne – Corner Hotel – SOLD OUT
    • March 19 – Perth – A Day On The Green – Kings Park



Exclusive bundles available from the Official Violent Femmes Australian Store:

(New York, NY) – Legendary American band Violent Femmes premiered the first song, “Memory,” from their long-awaited and highly anticipated new record We Can Do Anything, due out March 4 on via Universal Music Australia. The irresistible track stands out as vintage Violent Femmes, and is one of the many new songs featured on We Can Do Anything that were chosen from singer/songwriter/guitarist Gordon Gano’s voluminous archives of ancient cassette demos and old journals. NPR’s First Listen premiered “Memory” earlier today, and fans can pre-order the album now.

“There was a massive amount of material to draw from,” Gano says. “I had so many cassette tapes, with songs and musical ideas recorded over 20 years or more. First we had to bring them into the digital world as to be able to access them and then it was just an incredible amount of listening. We did a whole lot of compiling and discovering forgotten songs.”





(New York, NY) – Violent Femmes have announced details of their eagerly awaited new LP. WE CAN DO ANYTHING arrives via Universal Music Australasia – March 4 2016.

Violent Femmes’ ninth studio album and first full-length collection in more than 15 years, WE CAN DO ANYTHING is among the most provocative and playful in the legendary trio’s remarkable canon. As the album’s title makes plain, the band – singer/songwriter/guitarist Gordon Gano, bassist Brian Ritchie, and drummer Brian Viglione – remains as intrepid and fearless as ever before, traversing genre and emotion via their immediately identifiable, still utterly idiosyncratic, mash of rambunctious folk, minimalist punk, cubist blues, cosmic jazz, and backwoods rock ‘n’ roll.

Produced by Jeff Hamilton – a longtime member of the Horns of Dilemma, Violent Femmes’ ever-evolving cabal of multi-instrumentalist backing musicians – and mixed by the legendary John Agnello (Sonic Youth, Kurt Vile, Dinosaur, Jr.), WE CAN DO ANYTHING was recorded in studios in Brooklyn, Nashville, Los Angeles, Milwaukee and Denver, while on tour during the summer of 2015.  The album’s cover image was drawn by Barenaked Ladies’ Kevin Hearn, who also contributed accordion, guitar, keyboards, and backing vocals on several recordings. Rounding out the live touring band and members of The Horns of Dilemma are John Sparrow and Blaise Garza who has been playing with the band since he was 14 years old.

Gano gathered the album’s material by diving headlong into his own voluminous archives, listening to ancient cassette demos and leafing through old journals in search of suitable songs. Among his finds were such new classics as the murderous “Big Car” and the fractured fairy tale, “I Could Be Anything,” Of the album’s more recent songs, “Foothills” and “Holy Ghost” were both penned with the team of Sam Hollander and Dave Katz (Train, Joe Cocker), while “Issues” – co-written by Gano with Hollander and Better Than Ezra’s Kevin Griffin (Christina Perri, Howie Day) – stands out as vintage Violent Femmes, as lyrically cutting as it is musically kinetic. Penned by Gano’s big sister, gifted folk singer/songwriter/artist Cynthia Gayneau, “What You Really Mean,” the album’s sole cover, might as well be an original composition, hewing remarkably close to the frontman’s own sonic sensibility and lyrical heart. Colored by explosive arrangements that veer on a dime from hard charging stomp to intimate melancholy, WE CAN DO ANYTHING is Violent Femmes at their very finest – joyous, exciting, and eternal.

Violent Femmes will celebrate WE CAN DO ANYTHING with a full-scale tour of Australasia on the week of release.


  • March 1 – Auckland – St James
  • March 2 – Auckland – St James – SOLD OUT
  • March 4 – Sydney – Taronga Zoo
  • March 5 – Hunter – A Day On The Green
  • March 6 – Sirromet – A Day On The Green
  • March 9 – Canberra – ANU
  • March 11 – Adelaide – Womadelaide
  • March 12 – Yarra – A Day On The Green
  • March 13 – Meredith – Golden Plains
  • March 14 – Launceston – A Day On The Green
  • March 17 – Melbourne – Corner Hotel
  • March 18 – Melbourne – Corner Hotel – SOLD OUT
  • March 19 – Perth – A Day On The Green – Kings Park

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One of the most beloved bands of the golden age of indie rock, Violent Femmes returned to action in 2013 with an acclaimed performance at Coachella, their first live appearance in several years. Drummer Brian Viglione (The Dresden Dolls, Nine Inch Nails) came aboard in 2013. The Violent Femmes embarked on a wide-ranging tour that included headline dates and ecstatically received festival sets around the world. The Guardian applauded their London show as “a triumphant rampage through their back catalogue,” declaring the band’s self-titled 1983 debut to be “a cult classic of teenage alienation – a sneerier, post-pubescent Catcher in the Rye, if you like, with added nocturnal emissions and rattling acoustic bass solos.”

Violent Femmes came together in 1981 and were quickly ranked among the era’s most inventive and original, constantly pushing forward with their singular blend of folk and punk, sarcasm and spirituality. The trio released eight studio albums and more than a dozen singles, among them such iconic classics as “American Music,” “Gone Daddy Gone,” “Nightmares, “Add It Up,” “Kiss Off” and of course, “Blister In The Sun.” Violent Femmes’ remarkable three-decade career earned them cumulative sales in excess of 10 million worldwide, with 1983’s VIOLENT FEMMES earning RIAA platinum certification eight years after its initial release.

With the turn of the millennium, Violent Femmes began a long hiatus from the studio, only coming together in 2009 to record a cover of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy,” returning the favor after the psychedelic soul duo’s cover of “Gone Daddy Gone” proved a worldwide smash.

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Kinsky-I am the Mountain

KINSKY logo_v2


After their critically acclaimed 2013 debut album Sunset On The Good Fight, Sydney soul reggae band Kinsky are back with a new 6 track EP The Edge Of The Wine-Dark Sea slated for release in early 2016.

To celebrate the first single, I Am The Mountain, Kinsky will turn out on stage at Camelot Lounge December 10th for a night of hearty tunes guaran- teed to move the feet and soothe the soul.

In the past 18 months, apart from playing with top local acts, the nine-piece have opened for international acts such as Groundation, The Skatalites and Balkan Beat Box commanding a whole new legion of admirers.

Songwriter and lead singer Ernie Garland teamed up once again with legendary Catalan studio engineer Enric Carbonell in Tokyo to mix the tracks at the esteemed Volta studios and the results speak for themselves.

kinsky mntain cvr

Single: I am the Mountain

Release: Dec 4
Out On: Kinsky Music
File Under: Reggae

Sounds Like: Bob Marley, Salmonella Dub Location: Sydney


Kinsky –

Liftin’ Up The Ceilin’ Dealin’ Out The Healin’