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Jack Nolan Releases Single ‘She Knew’

SHE KNEW is the fourth cut from Jack’s next LP set for release mid ’23.

What started as a little fingerpicker became one punchy alt folk pop number that grabs you from the top. Featuring Jack’s Gretsch fingerpicking hanging off Justin Weavers powerful electric guitar hooks, this song moves along at the pace of a storyteller running away. Like so much of Jack’s music, regret, joy, love, and redemption all play a part in this poetic soundscape.

Jack Nolan has delivered a true rocker for his new single. Electric guitars start the tune, a fast drum beat and classic arrangement make the tune ear catching and accessible straight away. This one would sit alongside classics Tom Petty, Paul Kelly and Springsteen for sure.

“Driving down to my mining town

I was swerving

I turned the wheel

I was drifting lanes

He’d broken down in traffic

I told her I loved her

She Knew”

And when all is said and done you can only do what’s possible; you can only be responsible for yourself.

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About Jack Nolan

Based in Sydney, Australia, singer songwriter Jack Nolan has been performing and releasing music since the mid 1990’s. Along with a five-album solo catalogue Jack also fronted The Kelly Gang, with Rick Grossman, bassist for The Divinyls and Hoodoo Gurus, along with Midnight Oil drummer Rob Hirst and guitar player Martin Rotsey. Their 2004 album Looking for the Sun was critically adored along with their energetic live shows.

Once quaintly described as ‘Darlinghurst Country’, his sound unites elements of folk, country, rock ‘n’ roll and ambient atmospheres fusing Nolan’s passion for intensely charged electric guitar and finger-picked acoustic guitar.

The critically acclaimed 2018 album ‘Our Waverley Star’ was followed up by the equally impressive ‘Gabriel’. It was these two American outings that cemented Nolan’s love of Nashville and built from a connection with guitarist/producer Justin Weaver that started with a one-off phone call and developed into an alliance that Nolan describes as ‘Team America’. What’s now become a regular jaunt is an opportunity for Nolan to get away from all the distractions of home, and “arrive in town, in the northern winter, when everyone’s off the road, with my swag of songs to greet all the boys again to collaborate”.

 Jack’s new album – JINDABYNE – is set for release thus year. This album has waited in the wings while lockdowns and rules meant the guitar took on a whole new meaning. “I arrived home from Nashville in early March 2020 with ‘Gabriel’ ready for mastering. One week later, the world turned on its axis and – lockdown. This created a sense of urgency in me, so I made a conscious decision not to waste the time and went to work writing JINDABYNE. As soon as the plane could fly I was booked and took off back to the US”.

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River of Life

New Music from USA’s Rebecca Harrold – “The River of Life”

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Rebecca Harrold has spent many years working as a pianist and singer. Since moving to the Boston area she worked extensively with The Company Theater, the Voice Studio of Robert Honeysucker, and recently with Burklyn Ballet of Vermont. A true collaborative musician her abilities and willingness to play and sing diverse styles has taken her to Europe, primarily Italy and Greece. Rebecca recently completed production on ‘The River of Life with Windham Hills founder and producer, Will Ackerman.  Available everywhere.

Watch the video for her song ‘We Belong Together‘ here: youtube.com/watch?v=XgP6CGxc2DU


Find the album here: