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Burger Legs Joe Releases Single ‘Just Like Heaven’

The Bizarre World of Burger Legs Joe

In a world where people strive for a deep, meaningful, multidimensional existence, Burger Legs Joe stands for none of that. As shallow as his 2D appearance, staggering through life on legs of burger, too witless to realise how witless he is.

The only child of Beefy Thighs Bill, and Betty Baguettes, they abandon their burger legged offspring at an early age outside a ‘specialist facility’, because “He just would not shut up!” Alas, thickness is a family trait, and after several weeks living in his pram in a McDonald’s car park, he became the poster boy of low res’ graphics, that for some reason, just won’t delete from your trash.

Adopted by the rich and famous, he studied music at a prestigious university, financed by his fancy benefactors. There he discovered his aptitude for breaking musical instruments, accidentally causing personal injury, and the spontaneous destruction of property. The University, low on playable instruments and high on medical pay outs, insisted Joe only use virtual instruments and graduated him early.

The avatar of an unidentified Music Producer, Burger Legs Joe is on a mission to restomod (restore and modernise) outstanding retro songs for your grooving pleasure. Treasuring the essence of what makes each track so fabulous, they are re-energized to a modern perspective; weaving rhythms and melodies in BLJ’s distinctive ear grabbing style, that lingers in your head, and puts beats in your feet.

Mesmerised by the voice of friend and vocalist Andi Bracken; together they have set out on a journey to blow the dust off some of the great songs of the past.

From bangers to ballads, and anything in between, Burger Legs Joe featuring Andi’s first restomod collection is The Love and Happiness Set Part 1, a quantum leap into reimagined retro joy. “We want to uplift our audience, so we naturally gravitate towards songs we love, that do that for us.”

And so from The Love and Happiness Set Part 1, we present our first release, Just Like Heaven, adapted from The Cure. We hope you enjoy.


About the Song

Just Like Heaven is one of our favourite retro classics, written by Robert Smith (The Cure) and originally released 1987. We love this song!

Actually, Andi snuck this song in. When he suggested it I said “Yea! I love that song”. It wasn’t until we were in production that I realised it’s actually the most upbeat song about screwing up your relationship that was ever written.

Rusty Pilling has created an absolute banger of a mix, and our arty, Lo-fi music video that brings Burger Legs Joe and Andi to life sets the whole thing off a treat.

We hope you enjoy listening, watching, and bopping around, as much as we have enjoyed producing Just Like Heaven.

This snappy up-tempo version of the classic Cure cover ticks all the boxes, including big keyboards and a compelling vocal track from ex-pat British singer now here in Oz. True to the original but with its own flavour, not to mention a stunning video to go with it.


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