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Kalen Hogan Releases New Single ‘Right There’

‘Right There’ is a song about not knowing what you’ve got, until it’s almost ending or gone. Lyrically, the song highlights the tendency of people to lose focus on the passing of time in life and take for granted their surroundings and the people in them.  When writing the music, Kalen said the echo in the guitar created the sound of wistful yearning and encouraged his lyrics that followed.

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About Kalen

Kalen Hogan debuted onto the local Central Coast music scene in late 2022.  At age 17, Kalen proudly launched his debut album ‘Isolation’ in May of the following year. Keen to kick off the new year with new music, Kalen went into Damien Gerard studios to start work on a collection of new material. He released ‘On The Phone’ in April and has continued working on the other songs to keep a steady stream of new material coming out through the rest of 2024.

Kalen says he is inspired by the 1990’s grunge movement, with a real reverence for bands like Nirvana and describes himself as an alternative indie rock singer song writer. Kalen sings about the complexities of everyday life, with an open heart and keen observing eye. His pure vocal tone, with a moderately high pitch, may reflect why some tracks have been compared to Thom Yorke from Radiohead and the late Jeff Buckley.

You can catch Kalen live at various venues and events across the coast. ‘Right There’ is dropping on all the popular streaming platforms this June and stayed tuned for more singles throughout the year.

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