Michael P Cullen 2

Micheal P Cullen and The Soul Searchers – Live

Michael P Cullen takes his band ‘The Soul Searchers’ onto the stage to perform new single/video ‘Believer’ see opposite- (currently receiving Double J Airplay) and the rest of the critically acclaimed ‘True Believer’ album at Lazybones Lounge in Marrickville on Thursday November 19.

In his own words-
“For this show, Producer and Musical Director Tim Powles (The Church) put the Soul Searchers together with some guys he met on the road in America. It’s like this amazing unknown band, these guys walking the back roads carrying their guitars in battered old cases.  I have been waiting for them to arrive. I just didn’t know when they would get here and now they have”.

“Turning what was created, in open ended recording sessions over a number of years, into something that can be recreated on stage by a 5 piece band in a one and a half hour set is a bit of work to be sure. But its the best kind of work and the Soul Searchers are pushing me and making me think. They bring their own energy and life’s experience to a set of songs about life’s twists and turns. It’s fresh and exciting for me and I hope it will be a truly memorable experience for everyone on the night.”

Michael P Cullen and the Soul Searchers will bring True Believer’s unique blend of Noir, Spaghetti Western, Motown and New Wave to the stage for one exhilarating night. Not to be missed! 

For One Night Only – Thursday 19th November at the Lazybones Lounge 294 Marrickville Rd, Marrickville.