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Gareth Koch – Farruca Andaluz

The Farruca Andaluz is a dramatic & virtuosic flamenco guitar solo, recorded in a single take on a beautiful Ignacio Rozas flamenco guitar, hand-built in Madrid. 

The track is dance-centric, characterised by virtuosity, high-energy playing and dramatic shifts in tempo.  “Farruco/a” is a slang term used in Andalucía and Latin America to refer to someone from the Spanish provinces of Galicia or Asturias who is far from home. The flamenco Farruca however has little to do with the music of northern Spain, though some of the melodic themes associated with the Farruca are reminiscent of tunes from Galicia.

Based on the Tangos Gitano (gypsy tango), Farruca is a four-count form with a strong emphasis on the first beat. It is in a minor key, as opposed to the major Phrygian mode usually associated with Tangos Gitanos.

For many years Farruca was performed exclusively by men and without singing.  Leading male artists, including Vicente Escudero, Antonio Gades and José Greco have created famous versions of this dance. Great women dancers such as Carmen Amaya and the contemporary dancer Sara Baras have also created well-known versions of the dance.

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About Gareth Koch
Gareth Koch is an ARIA Award winning recording artist, guitar soloist, composer & songwriter. He has recorded a diverse repertory across multiple albums spanning works for classical guitar, flamenco, original compositions, arrangements, medieval projects & songwriting. He has appeared at major festivals within Australia, Europe, Asia and North America.
Born in Milan, Koch began his musical studies on piano and clarinet, and at age 12 was accepted into the Mozarteum in Salzburg. He received his Bachelor of Music degree at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music before winning a scholarship for advanced guitar study at the Vienna Academy of Music. He holds a PhD in Music.
In 2002 Koch formed what might be termed the first guitar supergroup. Saffire – The Australian Guitar Quartet soared to number 1 on the classical music charts and appeared on the pop charts. The quartet released a total of 3 best-selling albums.
Gareth is involved with many cross genre projects & in 2020 released two collaborative albums with ARIA Hall of Fame inductee Steve Kilbey (The Church).

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